Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Round of Canvas Orientation for New Students

Today we had another round of residencies. This weekend was our Project-Based MBA student one. During our residency weekends we have an hour and a half session about how to use our campus technology. These sessions have evolved during the last couple years, but I am happy with where they are now.

Today our newest member of the Division of New Learning Technology Team did the presentation. Her name is Emily and perhaps some day she might become a "Canvas Guy". Anyway, the presentation she did went great. The first few times we did our Canvas training for students there have been a few bumps, but today there weren't any. Ok, we did have one student who had a name change that we weren't aware of which made us need to update her name in her account- but no big deal right?!

So, I thought I'd share the tasks that we go over with our students the first time we run them through Canvas:
  1. Brief Prezi with overview of tools and a funny video about drinking from a fire-hose. Then they login to the computer and we talk about all the campus stuff like file storage, passwords, and email.
  2. Log in to Canvas
  3. Set up profile
  4. Enter a fake course we created (which has an assignment and some tutorials about using Canvas).
  5. Go to the modules and navigate to an assignment. Click on a link that takes them to our campus wiki and follow some directions to submit a document.
  6. Submit the document they created
  7. The presenter then goes on to have students go to the campus email and set up forwarding. While this is happening the teaching assistant feverishly grades the students using the speed grader and the rubric tool. We fail the students so they have to re-submit.
  8. Students come back to Canvas and see that they have been graded. They look at the feedback they got and resubmit.
  9. Lastly we review how to send a message.
That is it, you might think that is a lot of stuff, but we have found it useful. We don't get very many questions from students during the semester about how to submit like we did with ANGEL.

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